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``Young Socialists'' or ``Yuva Samajwadi'' is a forum consisting of various Socialist, progressive organisations from around India and also of individuals who are not affiliated to any organisation but live by Socialist ideals.

The member organisations are all engaged in propagating Socialist and progressive values, but they are scattered and un-coordinated.  The aim of this forum is to coordinate activities of the various groups and individuals. By such coordination, we want to increase the reach and impact of our ideas. Therefore this forum. We also maintain this website as an online platform for the socialist movement.

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Heritage of the Socialist Movement

The Socialist movement in India dates back to the early twentieth century, when young men and women, influenced by ideas of Socialism, Gandhism, and Marxism, formed the Congress Socialist Party in 1934 under the leadership of Dr RM Lohia, Jayprakash Narayan and Ac. Narendra Deo.

The Socialists contributed immensely to the freedom struggle. Most notably, in the 1942 Quit India Movement, when most of the national leaders like Gandhiji and Nehru were in jail, the Socialist leaders ran an underground resistance against the British. Many faced torture, prison and death. But their activities were highly instrumental in the movement's success. Yusuf Meherally, Madhu Limaye, Achyut Patwardhan, Aruna Asaf Ali, S.M. Joshi, Nanasaheb Gore, Madhu Dandavate, the child martyr Shirish Kumar and many more were all from the Socialist movement.

The Socialists founded the Rashtra Seva Dal - which created hundreds of cadres for the struggle against British rule and many organisations of students, peasants and workers.

After Independence, these individuals and their organisations continued contributing to the task of nation building and spreading the values that inspired our freedom struggle - liberty, equality, fraternity, social justice, secularism and scientific temperament. Many prominent leaders who are working for the people's rights today - including Medha Patkar, Bhai Vaidya and the late Com. Govind Pansare were initiated into the movement by the Rashtra Seva Dal, so were many sensitive artists like Smita Patil and Nilu Phule.

Hum Samajwadi - A New Beginning

Today, the Socialists run many schools, colleges, social and political organisations. However, these are scattered all over India, with little communication or coordination with each other to face the crisis gripping India today.

The nature of the crisis is social, political and economic. Since the liberalisation of the market under World Bank pressure in 1991, India's economic growth has been rapid but highly unequal and skewed towards the rich. Inequality is worse than the days of the Raj and inequality always threatens democracy, freedom and fraternity. Sure enough, there has been a sharp polarisation of society on religious and caste lines. Caste atrocities and violence against women have become more open and brutal. Communal organisations now threaten the very existence of Indian democracy. Meanwhile our foreign debt has reached more than 450 Billion US $ and counting.

The Socialist movement has the latent strength and potential to unite the country against this crisis. What is needed first is unity and coordination within the movement.

With this aim in mind, various progressive organisations, who derive their heritage from the Socialist movement, convened the ``Hum Samajwadi''  or ``We the Socialists'' forum in 2016 under the leadership of veteran Socialist activist Dr. G.G. Parikh. The first meetings were held in Patna in May 2016 and then in October and November 2016 in Mumbai and Pune. Of the various resolutions for joint work passed in this conference one of the most important was the convening of an All India Socialist Youth Conference in Pune in January 2017.

Young Socialists forum formed in the All India Socialist Youth Conference -

The All India Socialist Youth Conference, was organised to bring together Socialist youth from all over the country to rejuvenate the Socialist movement. This was held at the Rastra Seva Dal campus in Pune, on 21st and 22nd January, 2017. More than 300 delegates, representing 70 organizations, from 13 states participated in this, along with around 100 individuals who were not formally with any organisation.

On the first day of this conference, after the formal sessions were concluded, the delegates were divided into six groups for discussions. The discussions ran for two hours, and many different activities were suggested. Ultimately, the most important and commonly agreed suggestions were collected and presented to the house on the second day.

To implement the various joint actions of the youth involved in the Socialist movement, the Young Socialists Forum was constituted.

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